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Hello, my dear readers! I’d like to tell you more about myself, my fashion tastes and the origins of my inspiration for all things lifestyle and beauty…I’ve been working for almost 15 years in different, nationwide fashion and lifestyle magazines, such as Vogue; Elle; Pink.

Such experience gave me a professional expertise and a personal passion for everything related to all topics a modern woman needs to stay updated on!

Fashion is one of the most important things in our lives. Without fashion we’d all wear tsame boring outifts!Adam Smith

Because of that I think of myself more as a lifestyle journalist than a fashion editor or a fashion blogger, because that’s what I’ve spent most of my time being.

Being a fashion editor doesn’t require journalistic approach. A fashion editor has just one concern – to get the best image for a cover. I’ve never done that. I’ve never done a fashion shoot in my life, so obviously that doesn’t feel very natural to me at all.

Additionally I can say for sure, that there are some topics more important for me, than the ones I’ve been working on in a magazine. It was one of the reasons I began to pursue my own writing routine here – to write more about what I like best.

Longing to become a fashion clothing designer myself, I’ve tried to pursue that dream of mine for quite some years, even eventually being a part of the Givenchy’s team of designers.

But as I started to write op-eds and blog articles at that same time, I’ve suddenly felt that it was more of my cup of tea.

So, after a few long years of both studying and practicing the high fashion, I’ve decided to switch my main occupation to being a fashion writer.

Eventually, thanks to my big team of friends, all of whom either currently or in the past were in the world of fashion, I was able to start out his blog of mine.



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